​​Catching Families Before They Fall.

Please make sure HPI has your W9 on file.  Blank W9 forms are found here.  You can mail yours to us at: 503 Remington Street, #207, Fort Collins, CO 80524.  Instructions are attached to this form if you need help filling yours out.  Forms must be signed and dated; HPI must have signatures on file so do not scan and email the form.

Since our inception in 2001, HPI has paid more than $2 million back to Fort Collins landlords to help residents remain in their home during a crisis. 

We currently work with more than 400 local landlords.

Join the fight against homelessness in Fort Collins. There are many ways to help out...choose one that makes sense for you.

landlord forms.

HPI exists to help your residents remain in their homes during a crisis.  Together we can prevent homelessness in Fort Collins.

If you are interested in serving on one of our planning committees or the board of directors, please contact the office directly at 970-221-1553.  We would love to have you!

Get Involved.

Visit our Special Events Page and attend any HPI special event.  We welcome your participation any time, and appreciate your support. Through the support of our community events and fundraisers, HPI can maintain the mission of catching families before they fall into homelessness.  

Company changes? You can email contact information, landlord or management company changes directly to HPI to make sure your checks are made out correctly.  HPI verifies all information with the Larimer County Tax Assessor.  Email directly to: programs@homelessnessprevention.net.

Working Together.

Make sure you remain a partner of ours!  The forms below need to be on file with HPI at all times.