​​Catching Families Before They Fall.

Client appointments are at any one of 5 Intake Locations

Applications include a copy of your lease agreement and all copies of income coming into your home, and valid photo ID

Checks are written directly to your landlord; Education Extra is available once-in-a-lifetime only

Assistance is available once a year for a crisis that prevents you from paying rent

HPI helps 600 households a year

Volunteers work 180 hours each month meeting with potential clients

It was really hard to ask for help.  We had never done anything like that before. But once we did, the process was easy and we were able to remain in our home through the crisis.

Partner Agencies Offer Assistance~

​​Education Extra

Clients are eligible for one emergency grant annually. When you sign up for a financial management class, you may be eligible for a second assistance check in the event of emergency.

Understanding Homelessness​

Homelessness can affect anyone at anytime. Here's how.

​Because of timely rental assistance, Angelina had a house to bring her new baby home to. She had to stop working because of complications with the pregnancy and didn’t have enough money to pay her rent. Angelina was worried about how to be ready for her baby’s arrival. The referrals she got from the HPI volunteers led her to an agency that provides car seats, diapers and clothing for newborns. The help she received from HPI kept her in housing for the rest of her pregnancy and she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Now she’s back at work.

​​Alethia has lived in Fort Collins 23 years as a psychotherapist and spiritual counselor. In 2012 her beloved dog Desi became very ill and died unexpectedly after a week in veterinary emergency care. Those large vet bills became overwhelming, and throughout the next year, other unexpected expenses came along. Alethia was very depressed with the sudden loss of her 4-legged best friend and was missing work. For the first time in her life, Alethia needed the help of others to get through. She had spent her career helping others bereave, and now she needed assistance. HPI was able to help pay her rent during her time of need, and now she is back on her feet and helping others again.

​Claire moved to Fort Collins to remove her small children from an abusive environment. Claire went to work one day to find the business she worked for shuttered. It had closed overnight. It only took Claire two weeks to find a new job, but she was out a month's income before she would receive her next check. Because of the rental assistance provided by HPI, Claire’s family weathered their financial storm. Her two daughters never knew how close they were to being homeless.

​Jim is retired and lives in a two-bedroom apartment on a fixed income. When his daughter’s husband lost his job, her family eventually lost their home to foreclosure. She and her husband and their three kids moved in with Jim. Things were okay until one of the kids got sick and required expensive medicine. This made the family short on the rent that month. The rental assistance provided by HPI got them through the month and kept all six of them in a home.

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You can call any one of our 4 Intake Locations to find an appointment that is available and fits your schedule.  You may only attend one appointment.  Other agencies who may help are found here.

HPI proudly supports Otter Cares Foundation's annual "Pack to School" event.  All HPI clients are invited to attend, and receive new school supplies for each child in your home.  For information, click on the logo to your left; vouchers are handed out with each check.  Pack to School is August 12!